Residents of Rye Township need to be aware of the various regulations, ordinances that are enforced and activities that require permit processing before activity starts.

If you have any question about what regulations, ordinances and regulations may apply to you or a project you are undertaking, call the Township offices for clarification.

Below are links to some useful information.

  • Ordinances
    A selection of a few ordinances passed by the Rye Township Board of Supervisors which are enforced.
  • Building, Zoning, Sewage and Driveway Permits
    Important permitting information residents should be aware of.
  • Third Party Inspection Services
    Private inspection services residents can hire to satisfy code compliance certification requirements.
  • Zoning Hearing Board
    Members and a description of the duties of this board.
  • Township Fee Schedule
    Schedule of fees for permits, licenses, publications, copies, and other services available from the Rye Township Office.