Ordinances & Regulations

The following is a selection of helpful ordinances passed by the Rye Township Board of Supervisors and are enforced.

Copies of all ordinances may be obtained at the Rye Township Municipal Building. The cost for copies is $.25 per page.

Dog Regulations

All Dogs must be on a leash or under the control and direction of its owner or custodian. It is also unlawful to allow a dog to make any loud noise or disturb the peace and quiet of the residents of Rye Township.  Chapter 110- Animals

Nuisance Ordinance

This ordinance declares and prohibits the following as nuisances:

  • Accumulating garbage, junk materials or vehicles
  • Burning tires
  • Allowing a well to remain uncovered
  • Pushing snow on the traveled portion of the street.

Chapter 243 Nuisances Ordinance

There are other details in the ordinance available at the Township office.

Refuse Ordinance

All Township residents are required to use the trash service provided by Rye Township.

  • Penn Waste, our current trash hauler, distributed  mobile carts to residents for trash service.  If there is a problem with your cart, contact the Township office at 717-957-2348.  Only Penn Waste containers or toters will be collected.
  • All trash placed in the toter must be bagged and tied.
  • All trash must be placed out for pickup by 5:00 AM.
  • All carts or toters must be located not less than five feet from State or Township roads.
  • Place cart or toter at least THREE FEET APART from other obstructions such as mailboxes, low hanging trees, parked cars, fences, utility poles so the truck can easily access the cart.
  • Place mobile cart or toter with the lid handle and wheels pointing TOWARD your residence.

Current quarterly trash rate for residential billing is $56.00.

The ordinance also provides for annual bulk clean-up days.


Concerns or complaints must be made in writing and signed or they cannot be acted upon. Click on the link below to view the Complaint policy and RFA, (Request for Action).

Complaint Policy

Request for Action